What is Card Protection?

Card Protection is a free service offered for your protection and convenience. With Card Protection, you are notified when fraudulent activity is detected on your Citi prepaid card via text message. In the event of a lost or stolen card, you can be sure your card balance stays protected. Card Protection is not marketing spam – it is only used to communicate important information regarding your card and is part of Citi's commitment to deliver the highest quality of service.

What are the benefits of Card Protection?

Card Protection is a free service that ensures that you receive critical information regarding your prepaid card when it matters most. With Card Protection you can be sure that your full card balance is always protected so you never have to worry about a lost or stolen card again. Plus, you'll always know your balance so your purchases are never declined.

Is there a fee for Card Protection?

No. Card Protection is a free service offered by Citi. However, depending on your mobile plan, standard message and data rates may apply.

How do I turn on Card Protection?

Your card comes with Card Protection. By calling to activate your card, you are turning on Card Protection. You may activate your card without turning on Card Protection by following the appropriate prompts when calling (800) 522-7458.

What happens when I turn on Card Protection?

By activating Card Protection, you are turning on an extra level of protection on your Citi prepaid card. In the event that Citi needs to notify you if fraud is detected on your card or if there are important service updates, you will be notified via text message.

Can I turn off Card Protection?

Yes. If you do not wish to receive free Card Protection, you can opt out at any time by replying "stop" to 88123. You may activate your card without turning on Card Protection by following the appropriate prompts during activation.

How many mobile alerts will I receive?

Card Protection is a transaction-based protection service tied to card activity and varies by cardholder. The average cardholder receives no more than 3 service alerts during the life of the card. Citi will not send any messages unless there is a balance on the card.

Card Protection Easy Reference Guide

Activate Card Protection:

Call toll-free (800) 522-7458 from your mobile phone.

Card Protection service prompts:

Help: Text HELP to 88123

Stop: Text STOP to 88123

Lost or Stolen: In the event your card is lost or stolen, your funds will stay protected with Zero Liability fraud protection. Please notify Citi immediately by calling 800-522-7451.

Card Protection Terms & Conditions

Citi Customer Service Center

For other questions regarding your card, please contact customer service using the number listed on the back of your card or email the address below.

Email: prepaidhelp@citi.com

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